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Dee's Fishing Soft Plastics Have Been Hand Crafted to Make Any Fisherman a Pro

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Who Am I?

Why Choose Dee's Fihsing?

Here at Dee's Fishing we have not only been designing and inavating hand made soft plastics for over a year but have also trialed and tested each product to the extreme to make sure customers have the most satisfaction with their product and never receive a item that does not work.  

Helpful Hint:

When Chosing the right lure for your fishing requirtments may I suggest a little tip, I have found best results when matching the Colour of the Lure to the Colour of the water. For Example on low tide when the water is brown and murky a dark (black) lure works best and visas versa for high tide and in clear water.

Stomper of a Gt - Giant Trevally

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